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Study Spanish for only 9,95€/month.


We have a special course for you. You can learn Spanish easily, from home, without schedules.


Who says that studying a language is expensive?

No schedules.

No schedules.

No schedules.

Have you heard about it? You can study whenever you want. There’s no rush. Find your moments to study Spanish. On the bus on the way to work, when you go on a trip, during a break from work,…


From Spain…

We are located in Spain and our teachers are native speakers. In our classes, you will learn Hispanic cultural aspects. You will learn about places, gastronomic recipes, music, etc.

…to the world.

Our students come from different countries. And our material is for everyone. It is easy to use and easy to understand. No matter your schedule, we always have a course for you.

Easy-to-use virtual classroom

A new lesson every week.

Every week there is a new lesson available. And you have access to the Virtual Classroom, where you can find games and exercises. In addition, in the library there is music, TV channels, radio stations, song lyrics, etc.

Sign up for only 9,95€ and discover it.

Our platform is very simple.

You will easily find all the material you need to learn Spanish.

Why choose the “Week by Week” course?

– Studying on the bus, or at home, or at work, or during a break, or at night, or in the morning, or…

– A new lesson every week.

– Access to the virtual classroom.

– Study with games and exercises.

– Multitude of interesting material in the Library.

– And for only 9,95€/month!

Study without leaving home, comfortably. No travel expenses.

We comply with European Union data processing regulations and follow the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

All the material is included in the price. Study without surprises.

The course has been designed by our native teachers.

You will learn with videos, podcasts, stories, games,…

We are experts in teaching the Spanish language.

Spanish only

We are experts in teaching Spanish. We do not teach any other language.

Different exercises with different materials

Want to see some examples?

  • Exercise 1. Gazpacho recipe.

  • Exercise 2 & 3. Meeting people and Calendar.

  • Exercise 4 & 5. Poem by Gustavo Adolfo Béquer and parts of the head.

  • Exercise 6. "Ser" or "Estar? That is the question.

Is learning Spanish boring?

Practice Spanish also in your free time. Different types of learning for different types of people.
We will recommend songs, podcasts, books, movies,…
interested? Sign up now!
Practice Spanish while enjoying songs like these. Different types of music for different types of people.
We will recommend songs, podcasts, books, movies,…
Interested? Sign up now!

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At Centro La Macarena we are especially committed to universal access to education and the dissemination of Hispanic culture, but we support any altruistic initiative that aims to make this world a better place.

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